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BandTitleInfoCtry.YearLabelCond.Price CHFPrice EURPrice USD
7"CauldronTake this torchBMR-1007 / ASLT-28, lim. 300, Classic MetalCAN2017Basement / EARm-/m-181719
7"Centurion (UK)Two wheels0001, never with P/S, Punkish NWOBHMUK82Private pressingvg+504653
7"SorcererSirens3984-25036-7, clear vinyl, lim. 100, numbered, Power DoomGER2017MBRm/m (still sealed)201821
7"VoivodKluskap o'kom89421, black/white swirl wax, lim. 150, ThrashGER2013Century Mediam-/m-201821
7"ZuulThe last strokeJM-03, "Japan edition", white wax, lyrics, lim. 90, 2 covers, Clasic MetalUS2016Under Watchful Eyesm-/m-302832
7"ZuulThe last strokeJM-03, "Bisley edition", incl. patch (100 copies!), insert, Classic MetalUS2016Under Watchful Eyesm-/m-252326
7"ZuulThe last strokeJM-03, "funeral edition", white/red splatter, 2 covers, insert, lim. 110, Classic MetalUS2016Under Watchful Eyesm-/m-252326
LPAcceptSame0060.188, black labels, re-issue, Teutonic Heavy MetalGERBrainvg+/vg+768
2LPCageScience of annihilationPSRLP010, orange wax, 2 inserts, foc, lim. 100 out of 525, numbered, Heavy / Power MetalGER2010Pure Steelm-/m-403742
LPCommandmentNo mercyPSRLP 009, yellow wax, insert, foc, lim. 100 out of 525, numbered, US MetalGER2009Pure Steelm-/m-403742
LPDistillatorSummoning the maliciousER 016, half green/half blue wax, lyrics, lim. 100 out of 600 copies, ThrashBEL2017Empirem/m252326
LPEnforcerDeath by fireNB 3034-1, red wax, lim. 250, numbered, poster, 1st pressing, Heavy MetalGER2013Nuclear Blstm/m (still sealed)353237
LPGammaRay (Kai Hansen's)Heading for tomorrowN 0151-1, incl. out sleeve (with 1cm tear in front cover side), Teutonic Power MetalGER90Noisevg+/g+768
2LPGraven Image (KS)Emperor of eternityHRR 048, gold/black splatter wax, lyrics, foc, lim. 100 out of 500 copies, Heavy MetalGER2009High Rollerm-/m-353237
LPGriffin's In-Graved, VictorSameSVR189, black vinyl, lim. 100 (of 500 copies), foc, US market version with download code, Doom MetalFIN2013Svartm-/m-252826
LPGriffin's In-Graved, VictorSameSVR189, green vinyl, lim. 100 (of 400 copies), foc, US market version with download code, Doom MetalFIN2013Svartm-/m-252826
LPHammeronWired for soundNRR055LP, red vinyl, lyrics, lim. 100 out of 500, US MetalGR2014NRRm-/m-403742
LPHeathens RageFight till the endNRR064, red vinyl, insert, lim. 100 out of 500, US MetalGR2015NRRm-/m-403742
LPHour Of 13The ritualistMOSH433LP, black & purple splatter vinyl, bonus-7", lim. 100, re-issue, DoomUK2011Earachem/m (still sealed)302832
12"Iron MaidenThe trooper1C K052 1077646, 2-track, NWOBHM / Heavy MetalGER83EMIvg/vg+121113
LPIron MaidenSame1 C 064-07 269, NWOBHMEEC80EMIvg/vg-10911
LPLizzy BordenMaster of disguise7 73413-1, Original US pressing, quite rare WITHOUT ANY CUT MARKS!!!!!!, US MetalUS89MBRm-/vg+302832
LPRazorOpen hostilityHRR 124, red / yellow split vinyl, lim. 100, lyrics, 1st pressing, Thrash MetalGER2010HRRm-/m-403742
2LPRiotArchives Vol. 1: 1976-1981HRR 553, red vinyl, foc, insert, bonus DVD, lim. 450 out of 1000 copies, Classic MetalGER2018High Rollerm/m (still sealed)201821
2LPRiotArchives Vol. 2: 1982-1983HRR 554, foc, insert, bonus DVD, lim. 400 out of 1000 copies, Classic MetalGER2019High Rollerm/m (still sealed)201821
2LPRiotArchives Vol. 3: 1987-1988HRR 555, foc, insert, photo card, bonus DVD, lim. 400 out of 1000 copies, Classic MetalGER2019High Rollerm/m (still sealed)201821
LPRods, TheVengeanceHRR 314, lyrics, insert, lim. 150 out of 500 copies, Classic MetalGER2013High Rollerm-/m-353237
LPThunder RiderTales of darkness & light - 2TRP-LP-002, red wax, foc, lim. 250 out of 1000, Heavy MetalCAN2002Private pressingm-/m-353237
LPTroubleVictim of the insaneHRR 092, mustard colored wax, foc, lyrics, lim. 100 out of 500, 1st pressing, Doom MetalGER2011HRRm-/m-454147
LPTroubleRevelations (Life or death)HRR 091, blue/yellow split wax, foc, lyrics, insert, lim. 100 out of 500, 1st pressing, Doom MetalGER2011HRRm-/m-454147
CDSSoldierStorm rider3-track, cardsleeve, NWOBHM / Hard & HeavyUK2019Starhavennear mint768
CDSHang LooseHopeSCD 855, 2-track, AOR2000Tyrolisvery good879
CDDistant PastExtraordinary indication of unnatural perceptionKay0000a2, CD has some surface marks witch do not affect play at all, Swiss Prog. MetalCH2005Kayfabevery good151416
CDSiegrist Band, DanuWasser u Brot280200-2, Swiss Mundart RockCH2000SoundServicenear mint10911
CDUnchainPlug & playOF 68120, signed, CH Hard RockCH2009Private pressingvery good302832
CDFlaming Rocks, TheEnter evermoreDigipak, RockGER2013Cargo / Ratamnear mint121113
CDIsengardVinterskuggecounerfeit, Matrix: FENRIZ, Black MetalDea Recordsvery good121113
2CDRiotArchives Vol. 1: 1976-1981HRR 553 CD, CD & DVD, slipcase, Classic MetalGER2018High Rollermint (still sealed)121113
2CDRiotArchives Vol. 2: 1982-1983HRR 554 CD, CD & DVD, slipcase, Classic MetalGER2019High Rollermint (still sealed)121113
2CDRiotArchives Vol. 3: 1987-1988HRR 555 CD, CD & DVD, slipcase, Classic MetalGER2019High Rollermint (still sealed)121113
CD-RSirenNo place like homeCD-recordable, bonustracks, US MetalGERnear mint353237
CDSodierInfantrycide4-track, NWOBHM / Classic MetalUK2003Starhavennear mint768
CDSymbolizerThanatos unleashedSMBLZ001, ThrashDK2010Private pressingnear mint121113
CDBombshell, JaneyRocka-Roll-AroundJB001, digipak, Glam Rock2013Private pressingnear mint9810
CDBurden Of GriefHaunting requiemsMASS CD 1303 DG, digipak, numbered, lim. 2000, Death MetalPOLMetal Mindvery good9810
CDCarrierLowlifeEUL150-2, MetalcoreUS2013Eulogynear mint768
CDContrastRealizeC 1020-2, 4-track, Swiss Funk, SoulCH92Sound Servicevery good556
CDEar-ShotThe painMetalcore / Thrash2007Dayrunnernear mint768
CDFelskinnSame65587,incl. logo sticker, Modern MetalCH2006Disques Officevery good9810
CDFyredogs, TheHellfyre Rock 'n' RollGCR 20051-2, digipak, Punk & RollEEC2010ZYXvery good556
CDHarmThe nineFRB-CD-0015, digipak, Nu MetalCAN2012Frostbytevery good556
CDKinksSameBS-019, incl. OBI, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, booklet has some tab indents and is a bit warp, (all in all a crappy quality of making CDs!!!!!, RockJAPBest Collectiongood9810
CDMarianne's LegacyBrand new worldMS004, digipak, Indie Rock2015Metalspiessernear mint556
CDMegadethSo far, so godůso what!CDP 7 48148 2, CD has some surface marks which do not affect pay at all, early CD press, ThrashNL88Capitolgood556
CDPride KillsLife of hateCJR001, HCUS2003Carjackernear mint768
CDRushmoonCandymanPrivate pressing, Melodic Prog. MetalGER2012Private pressingnear mint768
CDShockheadTelevisionINDV10001, Funk / Hard RockUSIndivisionvery good768
CDSICFighters they bleedPMZ54, ThrashDK2011Mighty Musicnear mint9810
CDTen-4A mental note7H-208-2, Groove / Crossover20167hardmint (still sealed)556
CDWithin TemptationHydra538011832, Symphonic MetalEU2014BMGmint (still sealed)768
CDComeconFable frolic77094-2, Death MetalGER95Century Medianear mint556
CDDark FurySaligiaPrivate pressing, etched disc, Black MetalPOL2010Private pressingnear mint556
CDDark FuryThe price of treasonBlack MetalTrue Undergroundnear mint556
CDDark TranquillityHaven77297-2, Digipak, Melodic Death MetalGER2000Century Mediavery good556
CDDead InfectionThe lethal collectionOBP 053, rare, GoregrindCZObscenenear mint789
2CDDew-ScentedIncinerateNB 1817-0, double CD-set, back inlay is very slightly warped, Thrash / Death MetalGER2007Nuclear Blastvery good556
2CDDew-scentedIssue VINB 1452-5, CD & DVD, Thrash / DeathGER2005Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDDies Irae (POL)The sin war3984-14422-2, Death MetalGER2002MBRnear mint556
2CDDisbeliefSpreading the rageMAS CL0387, double-CD-set, Death / Thrash / SludgeGER2003Massacrenear mint556
CDDunkelgrafenBaphomet's aeonLEP 036, CD has some surface marks which do not affect play at all, Black MetalGER99Last Episodevery good556
CDEvocation (SWE)Dead calm chaosCYC 028-2, Death MetalGER2008Cyclone Empirenear mint556
CDExhumationDance across the pastHOLY38CD, digipak, Melodic DeathFRA98Holy Recordsvery good768
CDExhumation (GR)TraumationHOLY51CDX, Digipak, Melodic Death MetalFRA99Holy Recordsvery good556
CDForsaken, TheManifest of hate77318-2, back inlay is slightly warped, Thrash / Melodic Death Metal2001Century Mediavery good556
CDFragments Of UnbecomingSterling black icon3984-14548-2, Melodic Death MetalGER2006MBRnear mint556
CDFurzeTrident autocratApocalypse 008, Original 1st pressing, Experimental Black / Doom Metal2000Apoclyptic Empirevery good556
CDIced EarthDystopiaPromo, 6-track incl. Live and interview, Power MetalGERRock Hardmint556
CDIron MaidenNo prayer for the dying7243 4 96865 0 2, re-issue, NWOBHMUK98EMInear mint556
CDMalmsteen's Rising Force, YngwieWar to end all warsCRIDE 32, Melodic MetalUK2000Dream Catchernear mint556
CDManiganceAnge ou demon3075292, Progressive Power MetalFRA2002NTSvery good556
CDManowarThe triumph of steel7567-82423-2, Epic Power MetalGER92Atlanticvery good556
CDManowarSign of the hammer0777 7 86747 2 6, re-issue, Heavy / Power MetalNL10 Recordsnear mint556
2CDMegadethRust in peace / Countdown to extinction5099970475524, double-CD-set, 2 albums, re-issue, Speed / Thrash MetalEU2004EMInear mint556
CDMetallicaBay Area Thrashers - The early daysCRANCH 1, Speed / Thrash98Ranchvery good556
CDMonkey CabMother Earth193050-2, Teutonic Hard Rock / MetalGER97Happymint556
CDMotorheadEverything louder everything live156.520, 11-track, Live, Greek pressingGRSeagullvery good556
CDMotorheadNo sleep 'til HammersmithSMRCD 136, Live, re-issueUK2004Sanctuarynear mint556
2CDRainbowLive in Munich 1977EDGCD503, double-CD-set, Live, Hard Rock2013Eagle Rocknear mint556
CDRide The SkyNew protectionNB 1874-2, Power MetalGER2007Nuclear Blastnear mint556
CDTempestaPlatinumSwiss Modern Hard Rock / Nu "Metal"CH2003Private pressingvery good556
CDTempesta (CH)Unboundedtemp2013-001, Swiss Hard RockCH2013Membranenear mint768